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Alphagraphics World Headquarters uses their website to not only attract new client but to manage their entire business.

This management has provided extreme success for the company. Some of the feature built for Alphagraphics include a Single Sign-On (Intergrated with Google), Portal for employee and resource management and file exchange system for large files from a client. It is time to think of what your company really needs to grow. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Veo Natural is a thriving MLM providing herbal supplements

Veo Natural came to us with a need. They needed to expand their website and keep all existing code. We were able to add additional functionality successfully without comprising the original features.

Highly competitive software retailer

Softwaremedia had some very special and unique feature developed for them. Two main things were made to give them the competitive edge. An auto compete bot, this allowed them to reprice their products within minutes of a competitor change. The second was a auto sales man, this took care of the many quotes entering the system a day. It would also follow-up until the sale was a success.

Continuous Integration

Increasing productivity and flow of development processes

I provided the architecture and built system to govern development life cycle. System is capable of building Development and UAT systems. It will also run your unit and selenuim tests for you and generate reports. One of the best things about this system, is the ability to rollout new code to production without impacting end users.

Command Line ETL

Effective ETL that has fault tolerance and restarts itself

Created command line ETL using Phalcon MVC. The ETL is progressive and error trapping. The ETL will not only restart itself if it fails. It will pick up where it left off. The ETL splits your processes up by table, so if one table fails the others continue to succeed. Capable of transforming over 1000 records a second.
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